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# Guide

This plugin exposes two components at @mr-hope/vuepress-plugin-comment/<component name>.vue. Please include it manually in your theme.

  • <Comment />: Comment component
  • <PageInfo />: Page information component

# <PageInfo />

You need to insert the page information component (<PageInfo />) before the <Content /> component.

# <Comment />

It is recommended to insert the comment component (<Comment />) after the <PageNav /> component.

<Comment /> components are enabled globally by default. You can disable it by setting comment: false in Front Matter on a specific page.

To keep it globally disabled, please set comment to false in the plugin options. This way you can set comment: true in the frontmatter of a particular page to enable it locally.

You can choose from 2 comment service provider: Valine and Vssue.

# Valine

See Valine Config Guide

# Vssue

See Vssue Config Guide